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Category: 12 Volt Batteries

Recommended Settings for Victron SmartShunt, BMV 712 & Lynx Shunt

These settings have been extensively tested by SOK Battery to ensure the proper function of both the battery and the shunts.  Deviating from these settings may lead to inaccurate measurements. Settings For Victron SmartShunt & BMV-712: The settings only – these are explained more in depth below to better explain if these need fine tuning. […]

Bluetooth Battery: How To Calibrate SOC% and Actual Capacity Readings

To connect to the SOK bluetooth battery, search for ABC-BMS on google or apple store and install on your phone.  When you open the app, it will automatically connect to whichever battery it finds first.  If you have multiple batteries, you can choose which one to connect to by clicking on the top menu and […]